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Why Paul was PinOt NOirLess

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Paul Murphy here with NoDirtyWine, And before I really understood what a "dirty" wine was I understood I could NEVER drink California Pinot Noirs anymore. And it broke my heart. You see, when I was much younger, I split a bottle of California pinot noir with my mom at a restaurant on their opening night. The food was fantastic, and so was the the time. But when I got home, my lips started to puff up like I just got lip injections! My mom had the same thing happen to her, so we concluded it must have been the wine that caused our swollen lips. I stopped drinking wine altogether, in fear of some reaction. I was pinot noirless for years... That was until I discovered what was hiding in some wines and how dirty winemakers add all sorts of gross stuff to the grapes and wine. Now I know Lab-Tested Clean Wine is the only way to go I have the peace of mind knowing there is nothing gross added to my bottle or glass that could cause those crappy feelings the next morning. Or get balloon lips like I did after that dirty pinot noir. Pick up a few Certified Clean Pinot Noirs for yourself Gain access to all the clean pinot noirs available in your state here And in case you missed it or want a refresher: Here’s a link to discover what makes wine "Dirty" Cheers Paul Murphy

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