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The Gross Stuff Hiding in Most Wine

& how to drink Clean wine from today on

What Makes a Wine “Dirty”?


☢️Chemical Pesticides

☢️Chemical Fertilizers

☢️Machines to Pick Grapes


☢️Uses Chemical Additives 

☢️Adds Sulfites 

☢️Adds Sugar 

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.51.45 PM.png

Top Things to l👀k for in a CLEAN Wine




What's Biodynamic


Biodynamic Farming:

The old school way of making wine. Using the Earth 🌎 and its animals🦆🐑🐎 to make great wine 🍷 NOT chemicals and laboratories🔬

Clean Wine HAS to be Biodynamic.


Clean Wine HAS to be Vegan.



Look for the words:

🍷 Unfined

🍷 Unfiltered


On the Bottles or on the Wineries Website 





 NO Added Sugar.


Clean Wine HAS to Have 


Not So Fun Fact: The Average Massed Produced Wine Can Have up to 16 Grams of Added Sugar Hiding!

Like Dropping a Donut

into Your Glass!

Wine glass.png

ALL WINE has some sugar left over known as Residual Sugar (RS) from fermenting but dirty winemakers add EXTRA SUGAR to wine to cover up all the bad stuff and off-tastes of their dirty wine

No one wants all those additives or extra sugar in their wine 

Here are the top three ways to NEVER drink another Dirty Wine:

Three Ways to NEVER Drink Dirty Wine Again

Three ways

The Third way is the easiest, most hands-off approach I personally use

1.Do all the research yourself on each winery and wine label-                  


The good news is with the internet, most wineries will have some sort of website either listing the information or a way to contact them and ask if they are biodynamic and vegan wineries.       


Unfortunately, this method eliminates most small and hard to find wines because they typically won’t have a way of easily be contacted                                                      

2.Choose a wine shop or restaurant with a trusted, knowledgeable wine expert-                                                       


This could take a little time but once you build a relationship with this wine expert, they will start to know what you’re looking for and could possibly stock clean wines upon your request.                                              


These wine shop and restaurant owners and employees have access to more information and direct contact with wine suppliers to find out if a wine is clean or not.                             


This will give you better results than researching everything yourself but the options and choices of wines will be spars                                                                                          

3.Third is the easiest most hands-off approach that I personally practice.


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