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“Wearing cowboy boots with a tuxedo.”

Like long-lost siblings that grew up on separate sides of the globe, Syrah and Shiraz are similar but in no way identical.

The DNA results will tell you that they are the same, but the winemaking practices and the land in which the grapes are grown yield completely different results.

When you taste a Syrah, you get a much better sense of the land or the “terroir.” Concentrated fruit flavors, tobacco, and floral notes dance around your palette with the “old world” approach to creating this wine.

With Shiraz, you get smacked in the face with big, bold fruit flavors, slightly earthy, typically with a higher alcohol content than Syrah.

Australia and South Africa have delicious examples of Shiraz.

Plus, I love the way Australians say “Shiraz.”

But I’m a Syrah lover through and through.

I always think of the wine bibles’ quote:

“Syrah has always reminded me of the kind of guy who wears cowboy boots with a tuxedo. Manly, yet elegant.”

And Wahluke Valley in Washington state, in my opinion, has some of the BEST examples of Syrah.

That’s what I’m tasting this week.

So even if you don’t like wearing cowboy boots with your tuxedo,

You won’t want to miss the video below of my latest clean wine tasting.

So grab a few bottles of this Syrah and raise a toast in whatever outfit you enjoy best!


Paul Murphy

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