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Great Grape Night Bandits

If you pass a vineyard at nighttime and see a group of people with flashlights and baskets diligently handpicking cabernet grapes, they aren’t “Great Grape Night Bandits” stealing the vineyards’ precious fruit.

Some of the best vineyards all over the world practice the art of picking grapes at night. It ensures that each grape is at the same cool temperature to lock in all those subtle flavors and aromas.

Night picking also reducing energy use, helping to save the planet. Plus, it keeps the grape pickers safe from extreme heat and makes it easier for them to pick the grapes without bruising them.

The Napa Valley Cabernet I’m tasting today is from grapes handpicked at night. In addition to being certified organic and certified clean. But the taste when it first hits your lips is the only part that matters.

Click on the link to watch me taste the 2017 Bernhard Cabernet from Napa Valley, California. (And a lot more wines) Then pick up a few bottles for yourself! Cheers!

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