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#3-Having one company research, test, and import all the

Clean Wines for You

(Scroll down to see me unbox Clean Wine)

From my years in the wine business;

tasting and researching wine options of all kinds,

I've found nothing better than the Inner Circle of Clean Wine.

Here's Why...








✅Certified Clean Wine

✅ Wines from all the top grape growing regions:

🍷Napa and Sonoma in California 

🍷Bordeaux and Provence in France






🍷New Zealand

✅ Wines from hand-picked biodynamic vineyards

✅ Inner Circle Members get access to limited releases and exclusive labels so that you're the first on the block with these wines

✅ Inner Circle Clean Wines are hand-chosen by experts to take the guesswork out of buying wine

✅Inner Circle Members receive FREE shipping- Value increases when we ship in the summer with ice packs and insulators to ensure protected wine

✅Inner Circle Members receive flat-rate pricing so you're always saving $$$

✅Inner Circle Members get Paul as your personal wine guide to help with pairing & recommendations so you never feel alone in your wine choice

✅Inner Circle Members get Paul's Ebooks FREE- ($225 Value)

📚The 19 "Hidden Gem" Wines to Try, If You Drink the Popular Grapes

📚 What's a "Dirty" Wine and how to NEVER drink one again

📚Wine Words with Paul


Here's what other people are saying about Paul's books...

(that will be yours free when joining the inner circle of clean wine today)


So what do I need to do to get Clean Wine delivered to my door?

Hit the "Inner Circle of Clean Wine" Box Below

✅ Choose All Red Wine, All White Wine, or A Mix of Both

✅ Choose how many bottles- 4 bottles, 6 bottles, or 12 bottles 

✅Choose how often - Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly 

✅Let the Experts do Everything Else!

Red Wine

Here's my partner in wine (and love) Anna...


Anna and I LOVE wine so we get 12 bottles of Clean Wine delivered every other month.

In the fall and winter, we get all reds but when the weather warms up we mixed it up to get reds, whites, roses, and bubbles

Each time we get our wine it legit feels like our birthday and even though I've worked with wine for years, I'm still discovering new types of wine every time!

 Two BIGGEST benefits of the Inner Circle of

Clean Wine for me are:

1. Never have to worry about choosing a wine or having it delivered anywhere I am in the US (except a few states)

2. Never having to worry if there's anything hiding in my wine that could make me feel like 💩 the next morning 

Even if you wanted 4 bottles of clean wine every three months.


That's an option. 


Whatever works best for you






What do you have to lose by joining the clean wine movement today?


Paul's Clean Wine🍷Unboxing📦

If you still haven't take action and joined the inner circle of clean wine but want to see all the wine we offer and pick up a few bottles click the "SEARCH ENTIRE INVENTORY" button.

Some Cons to ala carte orders:

NO exclusive pricing

NO access to exclusive wine labels and bottles

NO bundle of Paul's wine books ($225  Value)

NO access to Paul as your personal wine guide


 A Few Pros with ala carte orders...

FREE shipping with orders over $99

6 bottle and 12 bottle discounts!


Again I would recommend the Inner Circle of Clean Wine but if you just want to dip your toe, click "Search Entire Inventory" below!



Red Wine

Learn More About Our "Do the Right Thing" Guarantee

Inner Circle
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