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Bored With The

Same Old Bottles Of Wine?

You don’t have to be a wine expert to discover new and exciting wines to taste


Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon,& Pinot Noir.

If you drink wine, there’s a chance you’ve tasted or heard of these basic varietals.

Don’t get me wrong; these are the most popular types of wines for a reason.

They appeal to the broadest audiences,

can be grown and produced for a reasonable price,

and are readily available.

But there are more grapes out there.

OVER TEN THOUSAND different wine grapes varieties exist.

And each possesses aspects that delight the senses.

Take Nero Di Troia, for example.

I’ve heard of Nero d’Avola but not Nero Di Troia

Until about a year ago, I had no clue NEH-ro dee-TROY-uh was even a wine.

I’ve been in the wine and hospitality business my entire career tasting and trying unique and rare bottles.


Never heard one person talk about it, but I'm regularly looking for new wines to taste

This little gem of a grape is grown out of the southern boot of Italy.

If you like Pinot Noir’s, Malbec’s, or light-bodied Cabernet’s, you’ll LOVE this grape.

Strawberry, Raspberry, Violet, Vanilla, and Spice notes dance around the palette.

Legends states after Diomedes defeated the city of Troy with his Trojan Horse; he traveled to Apulia in Southern Italy.


There he planted Nero Di Troia vines said to be taken from Greece and have produced delicious wines for those Italians (and us if we can find them around) ever since.

Drinking this wine made me think about how most people will never know its glory and history.

This gave me the idea to condense my years of wine expertise:

My hundreds of hours studying and tasting wine.

My knowledge of wines from all over the globe into an easy-to-understand guide.

I'm no fancy SOMUMMMYEAH or however you spell it.

I've just been tasting a lot of wines for many years.

Some Excellent,

Some Ok

And some terrible ones.

I’ve compiled the top grapes to try if you are tired of drinking the same old bottles.



The 19 "Hidden Gem" Wines to Try

If You Drink the Popular Grapes

$100 Value

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover...

🍷Rarely Spoke About Wines to Taste if You Drink Popular White Wines like; Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc

🍷If You are a Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir drinker We'll Look into Just Some of the 10,000 Different Grape Varieties to Try Besides the usual wines

🍷How a Roman Emperor and Pirates Helped to Bring this One Wine to Shore and Other Fun Stories and Historical Facts About All Hidden Gem

🍷Pronunciation for Wines from Other Countries to Give You Confidence When Ordering Your Next Bottle

🍷Find Out Exactly What an Orange Wine is and Why You Should Try One

🍷The History of the Bellini Cocktail

🍷BONUS! Bubbles to Try Instead of the Regular Prosecco or Champagne

What Readers are Saying...


Bonus Book!

Dirty wine cover.png

What's a Dirty Wine?

And How to NEVER Drink One Again

$50 Value

In This Book I'll Share...

🍷The ONLY Three Words to Look for to Make Sure there's No Dirty Wine in your Glass-
Orangic is NOT one of the Words!
🍷How to Cut Sugar from Your Life Without Cutting the Wine
🍷What Some Vineyards Use From the Time They Plant the Grapes That Makes the Wine Dirty
🍷Why Machines are NOT Better Than Humans- at Least When it Comes to Grape Picking
🍷What "
Mega Purple" is and Why it's NOT as Cool as it Sounds
🍷How Sheep Help to Make Clean Wine- Not just sheep though, but horses and ducks pitch in too!
🍷What Vegans Should Seek in Wine- and when you find out what dirty winemakers use you might lose your lunch
🍷Why You Might as Well Toss a Big Sprinkled Donut into the Next Glass of Dirty Wine You See
🍷Three Ways to Never Worry About Dirty Wine Again (the last way saved me so much hassle)

Here's Why My Past Employers and Myself Spent $1,000's of Dollars to Learn about Hidden Gem + Clean Wines

I’ve taken numerous courses on wine and spirits while working for liquor and wine wholesalers and fine dining restaurants. Altogether it must total well over $10,000 in training.

In addition to the 15+ years I’ve tasted wine in my free time, I’ve also attended private tastings directly from the wine suppliers and winemakers as a beverage director and wine salesman.

These tastings are priceless, but the average person could easily spend $1,000 a ticket to have the chance to taste the mass amounts of rare and unique wines on hand.

Here's Why These Inside Secrets of Wine Usually Cost $150

Creating a quick wine and cocktail list for a restaurant that would take me a few hours would cost my client $500. Or at private events where I created a wine and cocktail list, I bill $150/ Hour.

Imagine how much I would have to charge when giving you all of this information in person? $THOUSANDS$ Or for me to have all of these secrets professionally published and printed?


But I don't have to come to you.

With the magic of the internet, I can instantly give you access to all of this information.

And it's yours to learn from whenever you choose, to use as a reference guide.

Or to use when you're deciding on the next bottle to buy.

Because of all this, and the fact I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge I've learned about Dirty Wines, I've decided for a short time to give you this offer at the best price I could give you

Dirty wine cover.png
Untitled design.png

Normally $150 Today Just


Yes, Just $17. For around the price of a bottle of wine you can have access to these little known secrets on hidden gem wines plus the insider’s info on dirty wine


Learn Something New or These Secrets are Yours FREE

If there isn't at least one piece of information you found valuable, EMail me directly,, and I will refund you 100% of your money. And you can keep all the information as an apology for wasting your time.

So, in the end, you really have nothing to lose but the boring old bottles and maybe a hangover from dirty wine.


To Get Your Hands-on:

The 19 Hidden Gem Wines to try- $100 Value

PLUS What's a Dirty Wine? And How to NEVER Drink One Again right now- $50 Value

For Just 


Simply have your credit card handy and fill out our secure form.

Click the 🍷🍷🍷   below to get started. The Order form is short, safe, and sweet and then hit the Blue Download button on the next page to jump in and never be bored with the same old bottles or drink dirty wine again! If there are any questions, Please E-mail me at CHEERS!

Untitled design.png


Paul b&w.png

Above all else, Paul is a wine lover. He’s constantly looking for the next and most delicious clean wine to savor, discuss and share. Paul’s wine journey throughout the wine and hospitality industry had him constantly trying wines. <Tough Life> But after a few years, even tasting less than a glass of certain wines he would get a terrible headache the next day. This made him stop enjoying particular kinds of wine all together :( That was until he discovered what a “Dirty” was and vowed NEVER to drink a glass of DIRTY WINE again.

  • What is "Dirty" wine?"
    To give you a quick definition, wine is dirty when anything is added during the grape growing, fermenting or blending and bottling of wine. To Learn more about what clean wine is and how you can get it in your next glass click here and start your clean wine journey
  • How much are the wines?
    They range in price from $16-$70+. All depending on what varietal and region you would like. There are many ways to get discounts on the wine from volume discounts, free shipping, sales and even a way to get paid to drink wine! Click here to see all the wine we currently have to offer in your state. E-mail me directly for more information on how to get paid to drink wine!
  • What's the guarantee for wines?
    We call it the "Do the right thing Guarantee" Meaning if for whatever reason you didn't enjoy the wine, we will make it right. Either by shipping you another bottle or credit or whatever it takes to make you happy! What liquor store or bar does that?!
  • Who is Paul Murphy?
    He is just a regular guy who loves drinking wine and loves sharing his clean wine discovery with as many people as possible! Find more about him here
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